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Film Funnies | Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

Film Funnies is GDPR compliant. The following information is provided for the benefit of all visitors.

Film Funnies respects the privacy of its visitors and wishes to be transparent about the way in which we gather, store and use data. Not only does this ensure our compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) but it also ensures that visitors know exactly what data we and our service partners gather, the reason for this and how that information is used to develop and improve the site.

Film Funnies itself does not routinely collect, store or use your IP address other than for three specific purposes. These are:

  1. To gather information relating to errors experienced whilst browsing the site.
  2. To detect and report illegal activity such as attempts to access our servers for the purposes of hacking or malicious damage.
  3. To gather and present accurate visitor statistics in the form of a "Hit Counter".

We do not actively monitor your activity. We merely gather your IP address for the three specific reasons above.

We don't sell or provide to third parties any of your information. If you choose to contact us, your name and e-mail address will be used solely for the purposes of communication with you and will be deleted securely once that communication is concluded. If you choose to participate in the Film Funnies Quiz, your name and country of origin will be displayed on the High Score Table unless you request their removal. In this event, your details will be erased from the site within forty-eight hours of your request being received.

We use Google services such as Google Analytics to monitor visits to Film Funnies and to make improvements to the user experience and add visitor-focussed content. We do not use such data to monitor individuals. We simply use site-wide statistics to make the site better for all. We also use Google AdSense to monetise the site and cover our basic costs. Google is fully GDPR compliant and you have the ability to opt out should you so wish. Your use of Film Funnies is not reliant on you allowing your data to be gathered or used for statistical purposes. You may use the site freely even if you opt out.